Costumes, candy, and pumpkin carving are some of the highlights of every Halloween. For us helpful folks, we celebrate HONDAWEEN – which means helpful surprises for you!

We know people love decorating pumpkins for Halloween so we sent our Helpful Honda people in their blue shirts to surprise people all over San Diego County with FREE PUMPKINS to carve out some fun!

We partnered with Farm Stand West in Escondido and Summers Past Farms in El Cajon, to greet families with free pumpkins! Given the state of the world, families were surprised and thankful to see us, sharing, “Thank you for doing this. What a great way to brighten up Halloween during the pandemic. Thank you so much.” And another family who didn’t think they’d be able to have anything to celebrate the holiday shared, “My kids will be so happy to have a pumpkin for Halloween, thank you.”

For those who couldn’t make it out to their local patch, we partnered with Ralphs in Chula Vista and Food 4 Less in Lemon Grove, set up our own pop-up pumpkin patch, and surprised shoppers with free pumpkins, too! A mom shared, “My kids are so excited. This really made their day, thank you!” And a teacher also shared, “This is perfect! I teach a 4th grade class and we needed a pumpkin to decorate so thank you so much!”

We’re always bound to run into people again in San Diego, so it was nice to see familiar faces when a family came to us saying, “This is the third time we’ve run into you! You’ve helped us load groceries, you gave us a tote, and now a pumpkin! You guys are AWESOME.”

Don’t worry if you haven’t run into us yet. We’re always out in the community bringing Random Acts of Helpfulness to residents all over the county. In fact, we’ll be back surprising Honda drivers and veterans with FREE GAS this month! Want to know where we’ll be? Make sure you’re following us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at SDHondaDealers to find out where we’ll be next.

Happy Hondaween!