Keeping San Diego Cool with FREE Ice Cream!

It’s been HOT this summer in San Diego and who better to help keep you cool than us Helpful Honda guys -am I right? So we are driving around San Diego with FREE ICE CREAM! We had everyone asking, “But wait, what’s the catch?” There’s no catch! We just thought free ice cream would be very helpful on these hot summer days. Residents from all over San Diego, from La Jolla to Chula Vista to Mission Valley, and everywhere in between are getting in on the free-zing treats!

First, we kicked off our Helpful Honda Ice Cream truck announcement by stopping by FOX 5 News San Diego, so we can tell everyone about the FREE ICE CREAM we’re serving all over San Diego County! We were star struck to meet some of our favorite anchors, but turns out, they’re fans of us, too! “I finally meet the real people from the Helpful Honda guys!” Before we left, we participated in a dance off at the end of the day to celebrate the weekend! Any guesses as to who won that dance contest? (Hint: it was us!).

When we stopped by the Kearny Mesa Dog Park, we were so excited to see people already lined up to get their ice cream! Couples, kids, families, dog owners, and firefighters all got to enjoy our helpful treats! We were even able to give a nearby summer camp a sweet surprise and put smiles on all their faces.

We do our best to research some of your events happening in the county, and came across the Celia Garcia Family Reunion, and thought we’d stop by to surprise everyone. Everyone was so happy to see us, saying, “It’s not every day we get free ice cream!”

We were so excited to have a free ice cream day right outside of the Tavarua Senior Home in Carlsbad. People were already waiting for us to get delicious ice cream treats. Someone shouted, “I can’t turn down free ice cream!” The seniors that live in the complex, along with their families were joyous to have us there, and we were delighted to be there!

Next stop: you tell us! We are always looking for ways to help and to keep delivering free ice cream to Honda drivers around San Diego and helping our community wherever we can. Reach out to us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram at and we may just bring some sweet treats to your next party!