We spent our holidays doing what we do best – being helpful! From free toys to holiday meals, we helped bring smiles to children’s faces and a full hearty meal to some of the counties vulnerable residents.

First, we partnered with Heaven’s Windows, a non-profit organization that aids families, seniors, migrants, homeless individuals and children. They help provide emergency food packages, children’s meal programs, produce redistribution, senior commodities distribution, senior job training, volunteer opportunities, and free community events. We hosted a complimentary Santa’s Workshop in National City to offer kids of all ages free toys and gifts of their choice! From skateboards, to bluetooth headphones, to science kits and backpacks, purses, jewelry making kits, dolls, toy cars, dinosaur toys, and so much more! The kids had a great time being able to pick out what they wanted for themselves. Families shared sentiments including, “Que amables son obsequiando regalos a los niños. Feliz Navidad!” and “Thank you so much for doing this San Diego Honda Dealers!” From the smiles on their faces, the high-fives from the kids, and the endless thank you’s they shared – we’re just happy to be helpful.

San Diego has the 4th highest homeless population in the US, with numbers rising, not everyone has access to a warm hearty meal. We partnered with our friends at the San Diego Rescue Mission, an organization that provides meals, shelter, clothing, education and job-skills training for men, women, and single parents with children experiencing homelessness. We served over 150 delicious meals, including chicken, potatoes, veggies, pie, and more, to the residents at the facility. They were excited to get something special for their dinner that evening and told us, “You are all awesome for taking time to share joy with residents here at the Rescue Mission!” In addition, we brought some arts & crafts for the kids and provided everyone with a gift card to their local grocery store to help them continue to feed themselves after we’ve left. They, too, were surprised to find out the Helpful Honda people exist, sharing, “One is usually skeptical when it comes to a big company like Honda taking good care of people. But once I saw first hand that you all were real, I was delighted to be part of what you do! Thank you so much!”

New year, same us – we’re going to continue to be helpful throughout San Diego County and this year is going to be a great one! From recognizing locals that are helpful in their own community, to free gas and more, make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to find out where we’ll be next, and how you can ask for your own Random Act of Helpfulness.

Wishing everyone a very happy, helpful, new year!