During the month of September, we brought a Random Act of Helpfulness to a few elementary schools and surprised hundreds of students with the gift of reading.

We visited Perkins Elementary School and Ross Elementary School in San Diego, and North Broadway Elementary School in Escondido to host our Helpful Honda Book Fair. Every student, from as young as 4 years old, enrolled in their school’s Universal Transitional Kindergarten through the 8th grade, were given a brand new book to choose from and take home for keeps. Some of the kids were so overwhelmed with the vast selection of titles to choose from sharing, “I can’t just pick one!” and “I can’t wait to read my new book!” And of course, joked with us, too, telling us, “Can I have a book and a Honda?” They can reach back out to us when they get their driver’s license, and maybe we can help with that!

September also brings awareness and celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, and we surprised two very helpful – albeit different types of – teachers in the community.

First up, we headed to San Diego State University to surprise Professor Nate Rodriguez. Professor Nate teaches a college course on Selena that provides students the opportunity to explore and deconstruct the sociocultural representations of intersectional Latinx identities by analyzing the music, career and influence of Selena. In addition, his media class was in need of personal recording devices to help with take-home projects like podcasting. We crashed his afternoon media class and let Professor Nate know how much his students appreciate him, and also how much we appreciate his non-traditional lessons highlighting the Hispanic community and making it relatable to real life by connecting his students to music. We brought him a class set of personal recording devices and as a bonus gift, some limited edition Selena memorabilia. Dr. Nate didn’t know this surprise was coming. “I had no idea I was like, ‘What is happening? What is going on?’” he said. “Thank you for recognizing me, and helping me help my students succeed, thank you.”

Next, we headed to the beach! We brought a very special Random Act of Helpfulness to Mario Ordonez-Calderon who is the executive director and co-founder of San Diego nonprofit  Un Mar de Colores (An Ocean of Colors). Formed in 2020, Un Mar de Colores is a nonprofit that provides free surfing instruction and mentorship to youth from marginalized communities. They focus on a small group of 15 students and their families, allowing them to develop what they call a “dive deep, not wide” philosophy that’s focused on building and strengthening relationships. Its focus is fostering a generation of BIPOC surfers, watermen/women and stewards of the ocean through environmental education, mentorship and representation. Mario was in true need for surfboards for his students and he really wanted boards that are eco-friendly. So, how did we help? During Un Mar De Colores’ alumni/last surf day of summer event we sent our Helpful Honda guys to surprise him with 15 brand new surfboards! The surfboards are made from 100% recycled materials to further support Mario’s focus on environmental protection. As his students came in from their ride on the water, he exclaimed, “Check it out guys, we have brand new surfboards!”

After the beach and after summer, comes the fall and more help is on the way. So, what’s next for us? Our Helpful Honda Guys are headed to the pumpkin patches. We’ll also be thanking our loyal Honda drivers, Veterans and Active Military with free gas, and more. Make sure you’re following us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to find out where we’ll be and how you can find us.

We’re always looking for people we can help, so make sure to tell us your story at http://sdhondadealers.com/help and we may just bring you a Random Act of Helpfulness.