‘Twas the month of Christmas, and all through the town, the Helpful Honda people were turning frowns upside down – by bringing Random Acts of Helpfulness to families all around!

This holiday season brought struggles for many families who were affected by the pandemic. So we wanted to help spread some holiday cheer to as many people as we could.

We kicked off the holidays by surprising families with free Christmas trees at tree lots in San Marcos and Chula Vista. For many, it was a welcome and touching surprise: “Thank you so much for being here. We were worried we might be able to afford one, but thanks to Honda, we’ll have a very nice tree this year!” Many were shocked to know we are real, just like our commercials, sharing: “I’ve heard the Helpful Honda commercials but I had no idea you’d be in the same place as me as I’m trying to get a tree! This is a nice little holiday miracle!” One gentleman spotted our Helpful Honda people in their blue shirts at the tree lot and sent us a quick message, stating, “I have to praise you guys for doing something so huge this season. [There are so many families] that wouldn’t be able to afford a Christmas tree this year and you guys helped a bunch. You guys are really helping out the community.”

What’s Christmas without presents, right? Well, for some families, gifts were harder to provide this year. So we had helpful elves in blue to help with that, too!

First, we learned about local San Marcos resident, Eli Centeno, and his struggles with contracting Covid-19; his lengthy hospital stay; and concerns about being able to provide a holiday celebration for his family upon his return home. So, we came to help. We knocked on Eli’s door to surprise his family with enough Christmas gifts to fill our entire Honda Odyssey! From shoes and toys to go-karts, tablets, and more – the kids were in for a real treat. And for Eli, we helped with a payment toward his rent. “I’d like to say this year’s been tough, but this year’s been full of blessings,” he shared.

We then brought a pop-up Santa’s Workshop full of toys to families in need in San Diego! We partnered with a local non-profit organization, Heaven’s Windows, which provides emergency food to families and individuals in need throughout San Diego County. Over 100 kids were invited to pick out and take home a toy of their choice, free of charge. “This is so gracious of Honda. We appreciate how you serve the community and the kids love all the toys you have provided!”

A holiday celebration is not complete without a warm holiday meal. So, we visited residents of the San Diego Rescue Mission, a non-profit organization committed to assisting the homeless. We brought individually packaged meals that included chicken, meatloaf, turkey, mashed potatoes, and more! “I feel like we’re in the middle of a Honda commercial, like on TV!” shared one resident. We also gifted everyone a shopping gift card to continue to help them with what they may need. And in one case, it was to give a gift to someone special in their lives, “Whoa! I can’t believe you’re giving us gift cards. Now I can give my grandson a gift that he wanted! Thank you!”

We’re always looking for more ways we can be helpful, and to give to those who need help, too. If you could use a Random Act of Helpfulness, write to us at SDHondaDealers.com/Help. And to see all the ways we’re being helpful in the new year, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.