Helping Firefighters and Helping Schools – That’s what we do!


It’s been a busy month for our Helpful Honda people. From volunteering at the Salvation Army in El Cajon, bringing surprises to Padres and SDSU Football Fans, and to fulfilling Random Acts of Helpfulness to deserving people during Hispanic Heritage Month (we’ll tell you about that next month!), we’ve just been so happy to help make others happy.


August and September means it’s time for kids to head back to the classroom. And you know we’ve got your back – to school! We visited North Broadway Elementary School in Escondido to surprise over 500 students with our Helpful Honda Book Fair. Every student from all grade levels, was treated to a free book of their choice, to own, take home, read, and enjoy! We’ve heard great things from the kids like, “This is awesome! I can’t wait to read this book!” To many kids telling their teachers, “Look at what the Honda guys gave me today!” Teachers were also touched by this Random Act of Helpfulness, sharing, “We thank you all so much for giving the students books. We really appreciate when a corporation like yours gives back to the community.” We’ll be making stops at Perkins Elementary and Ross Elementary to help more kids, with more books, and we can’t wait to see their happy faces! If your child attends those schools, give us a shout-out!


September is Fire Fighter Appreciation Month, so we did what we do best – brought some very helpful fire fighters, and trainees, a special Random Act of Helpfulness.


First up – a cool treat for the Poway Fire Department in the form of free ice cream. With the extreme heat this summer, and for all the hard work our local fire fighters do every day, we wanted to show them how cool we think they are, by bringing them something cool, too. We stopped by all three fire stations in the City of Poway to surprise them with some ice cream. They shared, “Thanks for the ice cream. It’s honestly a firefighter’s favorite snack. It’s like you knew what exactly we wanted.” And, “You all did us a solid. We thank you for the appreciation and want to also appreciate what you all do for the greater San Diego community.” These brave heroes were so kind and shared their sentiments when they saw us coming up, “We saw you guys coming in and it brought some smiles to our faces. We knew that something good was coming to us and we’re glad you are here now.” In addition to the ice cream, we also donated snacks and drinks to each station to help them stay hydrated and keep up their energy during their long work weeks. “These snacks and drinks will be very good for us. I know that we should be watching how much we eat or what we intake. But best believe, we will eat or drink everything you have brought, so, thank you.”


Speaking of long work weeks, we also made a surprise visit to the San Diego Fire Recruits & Rescue team.  Over 40 men and women were surprised with a special Random Act of Helpfulness before they depart from their intense training exercises. They were treated to complimentary massages, a free food truck, and complimentary treat baskets! In the stressful academy training, every minute accounts for challenging education. The firefighters in training were able to enjoy a moment of relaxation and replenish at the end of a long week. “We just hit our halfway through training mark so this was perfect timing and a nice way to lift our spirits. These snacks will be so helpful. None of us have time to eat enough so these grab n go snacks are awesome.” Sometimes, people still don’t believe we’re real. One fire recruit said, “I thought this was a prank. I still can’t believe it’s real.” We’re real, and we’re helpful, too. We want to thank Fire Fighters across San Diego County for everything they do – for helping their community, for the sacrifices they make, and for the safety they provide everyone. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


So what’s next for us? It’s time for Helpful Hondaween! If you’re looking to save a little money to decorate some pumpkins this Hondaween season, make sure to follow uson Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to find out where we’ll be giving away free* pumpkins at your local pumpkin patches throughout the month of October.


We’ll also be back to tell you what surprises we brought to a few deserving community leaders during Hispanic Heritage Month – from free donuts, helping an SDSU with his Selena-music inspired college course, to free surfboards for a local non-profit organization focused on helping underprivileged kids experience the surf and sand that San Diego has to offer – we’re totally hyped up to see this gnarly surprise. Come back next month to find out how it went!