You’ve probably seen us at your local grocery stores – returning carts, sanitizing carts, helping you load groceries into your car, handing out reusable totes, or even just picking up trash in the parking lots. You’ve probably run into us at your local parks –playgrounds, skate parks, and dog parks – helping people with water, doggy bags, or sunscreen. Maybe we’ve volunteered next to you at the food banks and various volunteer organizations throughout San Diego County. But did you know, we’re out helping some of the San Diego Padres’ biggest fans with special Random Acts of Helpfulness, too?

Getting to the game can be tough, and not only finding parking hard, but paying for parking can be even tougher. So we’re here to help. On select Sunday home games, we’re out surprising Honda Drivers with FREE parking at the Padres game! Honda drivers, excited to save some money, screamed, “Free parking? Are you freaking serious?! This is Awesome!” So when you head to the next Padres game, keep an eye out for some people in blue shirts – it could be one of our Helpful Honda Guys ready to pay for your Padres parking!

So, now you’re at the game, but your seats are not the best. Guess who’s there to help? Us, of course. Once in the stadium, we are always on the lookout for some very lucky Honda-driving Padres fans. If you spot us, make sure you stop by to say hi and show us your Honda key – it could be your ticket into baseline seats at the game! One Honda driver told us, “This is so cool, we’ve never sat this close before!”

And if you’ve been wanting to try the Tri-Tip Nachos, a delicious Turkado, or treat your kids to the Lil’ Slugger Meal but still want to save a few bucks, we can help with that, too. Honda drivers are getting complimentary Friar Funds to help you save some money at the concession stands. How? Just look for us, and show us your Honda key!

If you need some help finding your seats, carrying food, or need some sunscreen while you’re at the Park, let us know. It’s our job to be helpful.

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Next up, we scream, you scream, we’ll all scream, “FREE ICE CREAM!” Hit us up on our social channels to find out how you can get in on this sweet treat this summer. Stay helpful, San Diego!