We recognize that teachers are the backbone of our communities and are important in helping build our children’s future. Throughout the pandemic, teachers have gone above and beyond to adapt and provide students with a quality education. During Teacher Appreciation Week, we recognized and honored four deserving teachers across San Diego County and surprised them by fulfilling their wish list of school supplies to help make their classrooms the ideal learning environment.
First up, High Tech High Mesa’s 9th grade math teacher, Mr. Will Early. Mr. Will was nominated by his freshman student, Madden, who shared, “Mr. Will is a good person. He cares about us. He cares enough to want to know about us. He even surfs with us on the weekends! I know this year has been weird for all of us, and it’s teachers like Mr. Will that make all the difference. He has certainly made a difference for me.” Mr. Will is also the chair of the school’s ‘Sunshine Squad,’ an organization dedicated to helping lift school spirits across campus. We surprised Mr. Will with $5,000 worth of school supplies to enhance his hands-on, project-based lessons which included a super high-tech power saw, an all-in-one printer, a high definition camera, TI calculators, protractors, acrylic paint sets, and more. Mr. Will could not express his gratitude enough, and shared, “I am so lost for words right now. This is so awesome. I am touched by the generosity by the San Diego Honda Dealers. Truly!”
Next up, a surprise for a dynamic duo. Mindy Torreto and Loren Johnson were nominated separately, by two parents of Crest School students, recognizing both for their work in creating an outdoor education program for 5th-8th grade students. Mindy and Loren connect learning objectives in subjects ranging from science, English, and history to outdoor activities like hiking, snorkeling, and gardening. Mindy and Loren go the extra mile for their students, often paying for supplies out of pocket. They even go beyond classroom by driving supplies to students’ homes, and connecting with students virtually over Zoom. On Teacher Appreciation Day, Mindy and Loren were surprised with $5,000 worth of school and outdoor supplies to take their lessons to the next level. The supplies included camping gear, snorkel fins, swim goggles, gardening supplies, a solar charger, and more. The teachers were thrilled saying, “Thank you so much for everything and your generosity. Honda is so great.”
To close out the week, we recognized Turtleback Elementary School kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Renee Flinn. Mrs. Flinn has the difficult job of teaching 26 five-year-olds through Zoom lessons – a tough feat for anyone! Prior to the pandemic Mrs. Flinn was hands-on in the school environment, leading Friday assemblies, teaching karate after school, and assisting struggling students in order to ensure they have a successful classroom experiences. Mrs. Flinn is innovative with her lessons, which include pre-assembling “Creator Containers,” filled with supplies for at-home science projects. Parents come by weekly to pick the Creator Containers up for their kids. When parents are unable to pick them up, Mrs. Flinn drives each kit to her students’ homes to ensure they have the materials they need for the week’s lessons. Mrs. Flinn was surrounded by colleagues, parents, and students when we surprised her with iPads, a Dremel DigiLab Printer, kids lab coats, gardening materials, crayons, glue, and more. Mrs. Flinn was overjoyed, sharing, “This is so amazing! This is everything a teacher could ever want. Thank you so much!”
Teacher Appreciation Week may be over but we have more help in store.
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