We meet a lot of inspiring and helpful people throughout San Diego County. It’s great to know that residents of San Diego County are finding ways to give back, especially in a time where it’s needed most.

We kicked off our month of Helping the Helpful with Randy, a local veteran who spends up to 3 hours every single day picking up trash in San Diego’s public spaces. We joined him to clean up along the San Diego shoreline and removed over 85 pounds of trash in just one day!

When we heard about local youths, Nolan and Olivia, we were even more inspired to find that being helpful really has no age limit.

Nolan is a Sage High School senior who, along with a few of his classmates, runs Grocery Grab –a program that aims to help the senior citizens and other at-risk groups (immunocompromised, disabled, etc.) in need during and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic. The Grocery Grab team is able to shop and deliver the groceries, at no additional cost outside of the original purchase. Nolan said of the inspiration, “I have grandparents who have family buying them groceries, but not all seniors have that luxury.”

We partnered with the Grocery Grab team and purchased basic grocery essentials – like pasta, rice, fresh fruits & veggies – and delivered them directly to the seniors at Tavarua Senior Apartments in Carlsbad. Seniors shared, “This is great. We usually don’t get a full bag of groceries like this! This is so nice of you!” To show our thanks to the Grocery Grab team for all they do, we surprised each of them with gas cards so they can have some help when on the road. We also had a special surprise for college-bound Nolan – a brand new bicycle to help him get around his new bike-friendly college campus later this fall. “This means so much, you really didn’t have to, but this is going to help me out so much when I start school. Thank you!”

It’s never too early to be helpful in life. Just ask nine-year-old Olivia from Solana Beach. Olivia, with the help of her parents, started giving back to local organizations at the impressive age of six! She goes door-to-door on her bicycle, or with her wagon, to see if her neighbors can help her collect food, clothing, shoes, or pet-friendly items for the various organizations she partners with. We heard Olivia was planning to drop off some personally made art-work and baby items to Gently Hugged, an organization that collects gently used or new infant clothing to distribute to families and babies in need in the San Diego area, so we decided to surprise her when she got there.

On Olivia’s behalf, we donated hundreds of onesies, rattles, pacifiers, and baby books to Gently Hugged. “Olivia comes here often, so it’s nice to have someone recognize her for everything she does for us,” said Judy with Gently Hugged. Olivia was excited, too, sharing, “This is going to help so many babies! Thank you guys so much!” Because Olivia works so hard to help others, we decided we could help her, too. Since she collects donations on her kid-sized bike, we thought we could help with a brand new bike that she can use as she continues to get older and grow taller. “Oh my gosh! This is so cool! My bike is so cool!” Happy to help, Olivia!

Who’s next for us to help? Teachers! If you know of a teacher who has been going above and beyond, both inside and outside of the classroom, and over Zoom – let us know! You can reach out to us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram at SDHondaDealers, or at SDHondDealers.com/help to share your story.