What is one of our most helpful months of the year? It’s gonna be May.

We celebrated teachers earlier this month, and to continue on, we wanted to bring a Random Act of Helpfulness to those who sacrifice themselves for the health, safety, and care of everyone else: our nurses, veterans, and active military members.

With the year continuing to be a challenging year inside the hospitals, we wanted to take this opportunity to offer some help to local nurses throughout San Diego County. So, we headed to various gas stations to surprise nurses at the pumps with FREE GAS. One incredibly happy nurse expressed her gratitude by saying “I’m a proud nurse and Honda owner!” and another shared, “What a great deed. We definitely need more of this during these times, thank you so much.” As unsung heroes, another nurse shared, “It is very important for us to know we make a difference and that we’re able to help our communities in any way possible.” The gratitude is all ours: thank you to all of the nurses in San Diego, we appreciate everything you have done to help your local community.

During the Memorial Day weekend, we rolled up our blue sleeves to honor and recognize our local heroes who have served and continue to serve our country. We brought random pumps of helpfulness by providing free gas to veterans and active military members. One shared, “What do you mean I get free gas? You all are the real ones for this. Much appreciated. I was nearly empty and was in desperate need of gas. Thanks for being blue angels on my side.” Another member of our military shared, “This is so nice that you all are doing this for the veterans. We thank you.” And as always, we provided free gas to all Honda drivers who spotted us too.

Giving back to those who give so much to us, is just one more way we’re being helpful.

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Stay helpful, San Diego!