Helpful has arrived in San Diego!

The San Diego Honda Dealers are happy to introduce Helpful Honda in our local community! From San Diego, Mission Valley, Chula Vista, National City, Lemon Grove, Escondido, Mission Valley, El Cajon, Poway, Carlsbad, and everywhere in between, residents have had the pleasure, and most helpful surprise, of running into our Helpful Honda people!

Over the last few weeks, we’ve sent our Helpful Honda guys and gals in blue shirts to local grocery stores to help you load groceries, sanitize and return carts, and provide reusable tote bags in addition to helping keep the parking lots clean by picking up trash. But the biggest surprise happened at the registers. Customers were selected at random to have their groceries paid for by us – no strings attached. Joanne Celeste was shocked when we greeted her at the local Food 4 Less in Vista and offered to pay for her groceries, stating, “Thank you Honda so much for blessing me with free groceries! You guys are amazing!”

Another family visiting a Ralphs in Carlsbad had a special shopping trip in mind when visiting their grocery store – to purchase flowers to give away to strangers in honor of their mother, who used to do this before she passed away. “This is so nice! We were here to do something nice for other people, and here you are doing something nice for us. My mom would be so touched and honored. Thank you so much, this means a lot to us!”

A dad and daughter were out buying food for her upcoming quinceñera, when we stopped them at the registers to pay for their groceries, “Really? This is going to help us so much! It’s my daughter’s birthday and we wanted to do something special for her, and now we can really celebrate! Thank you!”

But what about Honda drivers and Honda cars, you may ask? Well, we surprised Honda drivers at various gas stations throughout the county with FREE GAS. That’s right – FREE GAS. We parked a blue gas tanker truck outside of local gas stations throughout the county that read, “Free gas for Hondas,” and that was enough to stop a local resident. “I drove by and saw that big tanker and I thought I read it wrong. So I turned around and came back and I still can’t believe I’m getting free gas just for driving my Honda.” One local resident just so happened to pull into the station just as his Honda Civic’s gas light turned on to read, “empty.” “WHOA. This is such a surprise! I’m on E and you guys don’t know how much this helps! You’re a lifesaver, I can’t believe this is happening!”

We also helped local firefighters with free gas in support of Firefighter Appreciation month – it’s just one more way we’re being helpful. “I get a few nice little perks for being a First Responder, but this is the first time anyone has paid for my gas. Thank you!” To all of the first responders throughout San Diego, we thank you for everything you have done, and continue to do, for our community.

Speaking of being helpful in the community, we’ve also supported local organizations that have given back to those in need. We’ve volunteered at the San Diego Food Bank, North County Food Bank, I Love a Clean San Diego, Father Joe’s Villages, Mama’s Kitchen, the Salvation Army, the San Diego Rescue Mission, and Kitchens for Good, (to name a few). And at Special Delivery San Diego and UC San Diego’s Triton Food Pantry, we not only volunteered but made donations too. “It’s good to see Honda doing some good in the community. We thank you so much.”

Missed us at the pumps, at the grocery stores, or volunteering with local organizations? Don’t worry – you can spot us at local farmer’s markets, public parks, skate parks, dog parks, beaches, and hiking trails too. We’ll be there to help you with carrying and loading your purchases, picking up trash to keep the area clean, providing doggy bags for your furry friends, and handing out cold water during this recent heatwave! We’re also ensuring everyone feels safe, so if you forgot your mask and spot us – let us know. We’ve got you covered, and have face masks for you, too!

So what’s next for us? You can find us giving away free pumpkins, continuing to volunteer with local groups and organizations, and in your local community every week and yes – giving away MORE FREE GAS. If you want to find out where we’ll be, visit us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at SDHondaDealers. And if you need any help, make sure to write to us at You never know – we might just bring you a very special Random Act of Helpfulness.