Best way to start the summer? That’s easy. Free gas!

According to USA Today, Memorial Day Weekend is one of the largest car travel weekends in America. Families visit relatives, honor veterans, and indulge in the summer feeling that has been building.

But with gas prices soaring in California, these road trips can get expensive quickly. So, we thought of one way we could help drivers save some money at the pumps: FREE GAS!

Over the Memorial Day weekend, we sent our Helpful Honda guys to local gas stations in San Diego and Chula Vista to say thanks, with complimentary tanks of gas for our honorable veterans and active military service members. Don’t worry Honda drivers, we got you, too.

Honda drivers rolled down their windows with eager smiles on their faces after seeing our Helpful Honda Guys as they came down the road. One driver from San Diego shared, “I was just driving home and looked at a guy in a blue shirt waving and saw it said, ‘Free gas for Hondas.’ I couldn’t believe it. I feel so lucky to be driving a Honda!” Other Honda drivers were shocked and excited, sharing, “Me? I get free gas?! Free gas for Hondas? I have a Honda!”

Throughout the day, hundreds of drivers came by, including very grateful members of our military. A Chula Vista Veteran shared a meaningful thank you, saying “I am so glad you honor the military so regularly. This is my second time getting free gas from you all.” We’re happy to honor our local military members and show them how appreciative we are of their services. And it was nice to know they were thankful for the tank full.

For the summer ahead, we’ll be helping you keep cool with FREE ICE CREAM! Do you have an upcoming party, community event, or want to surprise your local park with free ice cream? Let us know, maybe we’ll stop by!

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By the way, if you made it this far, we will also have more free gas events coming up!